About Me

I believe happiness is found in the most simplest of things.

Like sunny days. Spring flowers. Deep hugs. The smiles of strangers. Hot cups of tea on a cold Winter’s day. And stories that inspire and intrigue.

And while I can’t make the sun appear or flowers bloom, I can write the stories that add a little bit of inspiration or thought to your day. I’m writing for the 20-something-year-old,  who, like myself, is still finding her place in the world, and I hope that my personal stories, thoughts and adventures make you smile, laugh, think, reflect, or simply go “I can totally relate!”

That’s the mission of my blog.

Let’s back up for a moment though, so I can properly introduce myself: My name is Thea — I’m a 28 year old “creative.” I have been writing for as long as I can remember, it’s something I always enjoyed.

I was born and raised in The Bahamas, and then moved to Canada, where I lived for seven years.  My husband, Rob and I left our jobs, and our comfy apartment to explore the world. We’re currently in Southeast Asia, and have a goal of becoming location independent entrepreneurs.

I’m an introvert, a sun-lover, and a serial tea drinker (my go to tea is lemon slices and ginger). My favorite hobby is napping (seriously, I’m an expert at this), I enjoy travelling, but I hate airports (except the Singapore airport). I try to create new adventures by taking part in interesting activities wherever I go. I am learning the benefits of self-care, and am on a mission to begin a regular meditation practice. I try to practice minimalism in all areas of my life.

I’ll admit sharing my life will be a new and interesting adventure for me — because as an introvert, I’m generally private and reserved, but it’s my hope that this blog helps me to change that.