Five ways your life will change after cutting your hair (for the type 4 girls)

As a new member of the short hair club, I find myself daily in awe of how easier life is without hair. It feels like pre-cut, I was living in the upside down (Stranger Things reference), and didn’t even know it. Now I finally made my way into the real world, and it’s like you mean to tell me wash day doesn’t have take up an entire day? Like I can wash my hair, and then be completely done with said hair within like five minutes? via GIPHY Yes, Diane that was my reaction too. What type of blasphemy is this short hair business? It seems too good to be true. Here are five reasons why short hair is actually the MVP. Maintenance is a breeze. My daily routine consists of brushing it with oil and gel, and putting on a du-rag before I go to sleep. Wash day turns…

Oh shit! I cut my hair

In life, you are bound to encounter “oh shit” moments. Moments that, no matter how prepared you think you are, will always catch you off guard, eliciting an “oh shit” response or some variation of it (Ie. “Oh sheeiiiiiiit”, “Holy shit”, “Oh shit what am I doing,” “shit, shit, shit, shit”, etc.). Cutting my hair was one of these moments. I have cut my hair three times in the last month, each time going shorter and shorter, and I have yet to become adjusted. Each time I hear the low hum of the clippers and feel those first chunks of hair begin to fall, I get that sinking feeling in my stomach, and I begin calculating all the ways this could go wrong. Will they go too low? Will they try to shape up my edges? What if they sneeze or cough or blink at an inopportune time? Wait -…