I love Christmas, it’s my absolute favorite time of year. It’s just something about the season, the decorations, the music, and the movies that makes me feel so warm inside. But, being abroad during this time of year, and not hearing my favorite Christmas music over the speakers in the mall, or in the radio of the taxicab as I move about, has me considering: If Christmas even Christmas if you don’t hear certain songs?

It’s similar to the age old question, ‘If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?’ Obviously Christmas comes regardless, but if no one is celebrating the way (I believe) it is intended to be celebrated, does it even make sense?

Many have attempted to create Christmas tunes that would leave us with cravings each year, and many have failed. Keep your Justin Beiber Christmas album, we don’t want it. Actually, let’s just get rid of every other song, except for the ones below. They’re the only ones that matter, anyway.

1. Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is You

The OG of Christmas songs. If I don’t hear this at the least of 5 times a day, throw my Christmas away. I don’t want it.

2. Luther Vandross – Every year, every Christmas

This song has to be played immediately before, or immediately after the above song. It’s a rule.

3. Chris Brown – This Christmas

Who else turns into a full blown performer, complete with the eyes closing (and/or squinching) to hit the high notes when this song comes on? Just me? Oh okay.

4. Stevie Wonder – Someday at Christmas

Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the type of Christmas Stevie sings about. But at least, we have this song to sing together, as we wait for someday.

5. Jackson 5 – Give love on Christmas day

A classic from my parents era proves its timelessness, as it has become a favorite even in my generation.

6. Boys 2 Men – Let it snow

It doesn’t matter what the actual weather is outside. As long as this song is playing, I will look out the window, and pretend there’s white stuff coming from the sky, dammit.

What are your essential Christmas songs?

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