As another month comes to a close, I am again in awe of how quickly time goes by. July has been quite an active month for me — My last day on my job was June 29th, and I capped it off with a two week vacation at home in the Bahamas. Now that I’m back, the real world has kicked in and I actually have to face the fact that I don’t have a job anymore.

On the upside, I am also extremely excited because the end of July means that there are only about four weeks to go before Rob and I take off on our trip.

Whoot whoot!


You may notice that a few of my favorites this month are island-themed. I thought it would be fitting because of my vacation.

Food | Sun and Ice icecream

Sun and Ice icecream – I spotted this company on Instagram a while back, and I immediately knew I had to try it. But when I went home on vacation last year, I couldn’t remember the name of the company. This last trip though, I did my research, found the company and I was determined to try it before I left. What I love about the Sun and Ice icecream parlour is that they provide Bahamian-inspired icecream flavors. It is located in the lobby of the Coral tower of the Atlantis Resort.

It was soo good! I had a scoop that was soursop and banana flavored, and I have been craving this just about everyday since then.

Sun and Ice Icecream Bahamas
Photo courtesy of the company’s Facebook page

Travel Card | American Express Platinum Card

To be completely honest, the only reason I signed up for the Amex Platinum card was to get the points that Rob and I needed to book our flights. I didn’t really pay attention to the perks — but guys, the perks are what makes the card so great. Through my card, and its partnership with Priority Pass, I had lounge access at every airport I traveled through. On my most recent trip, this included both the Domestic and International lounges at the Pearson airport in Toronto, and the Lignum Vitae lounge at the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, Bahamas.

It felt great to unwind, with a meal and a glass of wine, in a comfy and quiet environment, away from the general chaos of the airport.

Priority Pass Card

Destination | Exuma, Bahamas

I had a BLAST in Exuma! I won’t go into too much detail as I already gave a recap on a previous post. I am so in love with the island – I can’t wait to take my husband, Rob, and have him fall in love with it too.

Sitting on the boat in front of the pigs on the island

Cosmetic | Black Girls Sunscreen

Black Girls Sunscreen is a”a revolutionary sunscreen made from natural ingredients that doesn’t leave a white residue on your skin.” It came in clutch for my vacation. I’m actually not that much into skin care, but my husband Rob is. I thought, if there’s any place where you’d need to protect your skin from the sun – it’s the Bahamas. According to Rob, it’s not easy to find sunscreen for darker skin, because a lot of them give off a white cast. But luckily he came across this brand some time in June. I used it everyday on my trip, and it became an integral part of my routine — Wash face, moisturize, apply sunscreen, and then primer and makeup routine. It was super lightweight.

Black Girls Sunscreen
Photo courtesy of the company’s Facebook page

Book | Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime

In preparation for our travels abroad, I have been doing lots of reading. I was attracted to Born a Crime because I thought it would give me some insight into the culture of South Africa, but it gave me so much more than that. In the book, Trevor Noah tells the story of how he navigated South Africa as a mixed kid during and after apartheid. I gained inspiration from how he thrived and succeeded — from a DJ to a street hustler to a traveling comic to the host of the Daily show, with so many odds stacked against him.

Born a Crime is one of those books that completely draws you in. Although I started reading it on vacation, and I had so many other things going on, I found myself sneaking pages (which somehow turned into chapters) every moment I got — I finished it in about three days.

Trevor Noah Born a Crime

What were your favorite things in July? Share them with me in the comment section!

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