Let the internet tell it, and your travel must-haves would be a mile long, or more aptly, several suitcases full. I have read so many articles that include long checklists of everything from a headlamp to an emergency blanket to an “anti-crease shirt transporter.” But, most of these things would be better categorized as nice to haves (in my opinion, anyways).

Excluding the absolute essentials like luggage, your electronics, rain jacket, underwear, and such, there are some items that I have found over the last month and a half to be my absolute must-haves — my holy grail of travel gear.

1. Travel adapter

This is number one on my list for a reason. Traveling outside of North America requires different power needs, and without a travel adapter, I would have been unable to recharge my laptop, cell phone, and power bar. If my must-have list had a VIP section, this would be there.

2. DivaCup

For those unfamiliar, the DivaCup is an ‘eco-friendly alternative to tampons. It is a latex-free, plastic-free and BPA-free reusable silicone menstrual cup.’  Not only has this saved me money, but also the time and effort of finding menstrual items in other countries. I also don’t have to worry about leakage as much, and stress about if the place I’m going will have a bathroom. They can conveniently stay in for 12 hours, and then, it’s just a matter of emptying, rinsing, and re-inserting. It’s almost set it and forget it.

3. Croc ‘Sexi Flip Flops’

I have worn these shoes just about everyday. They are the perfect all-weather, any activity type of shoe. They are secure, comfortable, and best of all they’re still cute. I can pair these with joggers or shorts for a day of trekking, or pair with a cute dress for a night out. Cleaning just means rinsing them out in water, or wiping them down with a wet cloth.

4. Power bar

My power bar has been a life saver! I keep this in my purse wherever we go, in the event of any emergencies. It’s so useful for the times when we are on the go all day. Having a powered up phone is soooo important when abroad, because everything is in it — maps, GPS, contacts, and of course, the camera.

5. Packing cubes

We have packed up and moved at least ten times already. These packing cubes have made it so much easier to stay organized in the midst of all of our traveling. I have three cubes: one for my underwear, one for my tops, and one for my bottoms. If i need anything I don’t have to pull out my entire suitcase, I can just pop out the particular packing cube. I figure it will also be handy if my bag ever has to be searched (although luckily this situation hasn’t happened yet).

I mentioned in another article, that one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far while traveling is that you don’t need to stress about having all the perfect things. Focus on getting your essential items, and remember that you can most likely purchase items at your destination.

What are your holy grail items for traveling? Let me know in the comments!

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