I had one of the best pizzas in my life in Ubud.

It was from a booth-sized restaurant on a busy side street that happened to be one of the only places open after 10pm. It was a last ditch effort for food, after the restaurant we had really wanted to go to was closed.

But, when I took that first bite, I was completely caught off guard.


I wasn’t ready for the flavors, and the authentic taste.

Bali is generally known for being a place where people can enjoy a tropical vacation at a fraction of the price. And I can tell you that food, especially international food had never crossed my mind when I thought of Bali.

That is until now.

In my mind, Ubud will forever be linked with the quality of its cuisine. I have had some of the best food here — to the point where I found myself saying, “this is the best [insert food here] I have ever had,” at least once a day.

Some of the best Pizza.
Some of the best Curry.
Some of the best Ribs.
Some of the best Chocolate cake.
Some of the best Banana cake.

The authentic Indonesian dishes are extremely tasty too. In fact, my first meal in Ubud was Mie Goreng, a fried noodle dish sauteed with vegetables. It was so simple, yet so flavorful, and a wonderful introduction into Indonesian food.

If you plan to visit the Ubud area, do yourself (and your taste buds) a favor, and visit these restaurants.

1. Warung Biah Biah – located on the popular Jalan Gautama, this is a small family-owned restaurant that specializes in a variety of Balinese dishes. It is so delicious, and so inexpensive. I had my very first meal from here, and that along with my drink, totaled to about $3 or 4 CAD.

2. Melting Wok Warung – also located on Jalan Gautama, this restaurant specializes in curry, and coconut curry dishes. They also have daily meal specials to add a little more variety. I went there three times during my 6 day stay in Ubud, and still have daydreams about it. I am writing this article from the Jimbaran area, and would legit take the 1 hour and 30 min drive back to Ubud just for their coconut curry noodles. This was a little more expensive, costing about $6 or 7 CAD, including my drink.

Melting Wok Warung Coconut Curry Noodles
The Coconut Curry Noodles of my daydreams. (Courtesy of Melting Wok Warung’s Facebook page)

3. Warung Pondok Madu – The ribs in this little restaurant on Jalan Jatayu were fall-off-the-bone tender. You will see many restaurants claim to have good ribs, but this place has clearly put in the work and effort to perfect their recipe. The ribs had a slightly higher price point, costing somewhere between $5 to 8 CAD for a ribs dinner (which includes several pieces of ribs and rice). I had Mie Goring with BBQ ribs which was about $3 CAD.

Warung Pondok Madu's Mie Goreng BBQ Ribs
Mie Goreng BBQ Ribs from Warung Pondok Madu

4. Clear Cafe – This place is a gem, both visually and food-wise/culinary-wise. This was my go to dessert spot, and the home of the best chocolate cake, and banana cake I have ever encountered. I didn’t get a chance to taste their actual food because it seemed to always be a post-dinner, or post-lunch spot, but they had an extensive menu, including sushi, tacos raw foods. My dessert typically came up to about $6 or 7 CAD, including my drink.

This photo of Clear Cafe is courtesy of TripAdvisor

6. Buonasera Restaurant – The pizza that inspired the article was from Buonasera restaurant, also on Jalan Gautama. They serve pizza, as well as various Italian foods, but my advice — stick with the pizza. I got a medium-sized pizza that can feed two persons (potentially three depending on how hungry you are) for about $10 CAD.

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